How does music keep you young?

by Annie Saxena on Feb 09, 2023

How does music keep you young?

Music possesses the capability that helps you connect with others. Whenever we talk of music the first thing that hits us is relaxation. In a time when we as individuals have such different identities music acts as a unifier. Numerous genres are present today for anybody and everybody, be it when you are home alone or with your gang it is there for you. Music being so lively in itself, automatically makes us feel young and lively. Mentioned below are the beneficial things that music does to you:

1) It increases your speed.

With an increase in beat, bass or tune of any song or music in general, increases the speed of a person. It helps you finish boring task faster and lets you deal with tough situations in life by keeping you energetic throughout. From helping you clean your mail inbox once you are back from a vacation to filling that excel sheet at the end, music can help. Listening to music is pleasurable and it makes even a boring task fun and helps you finish it faster. Research has proved that people are able to function faster than normal when music is played in the background. Workers who listen to music appear to be happier and tend to work to their utmost efficiency. Hence, giving the desired results.

2) It makes you creative.

Music brings the youngster in you back as it soothes your mind and makes it work more efficiently. Music acts as a magical drug. But, in order to keep your creativity high, it is advisable to keep the noise level moderate as loud music may not really be the best option.

Music not just helps you complete the simple tasks or the tasks you are well-trained to do, but also motivates you to take on something new that’s even more challenging.

3) It lifts up your mood and makes you happier.

Happy people stay young at heart!
Music lifts your mood at any place and any time and makes you a happier person. Whether you talk of creating music or simply listening to it, it’s a joyful act in itself.

Be it your late night study sessions, or that long trip to the hills or somewhere near or your birthdays, anniversaries etc. it is often the first friend to reach the venue or to be supportive of you. Music connects not bodies but souls. We have often heard people saying dance to your own tune and this very statement reflects its importance in our life, that not only outside it is present inside too. We are its creator and the lovers, the dancers and the singers. Music often conveys what we cannot. Hum a tune and feel the magical aura it creates. In a world where war and anger prevails, it acts as a harmony maintainer that is why music therapies are a thing, the very reputed one indeed. So, the next time you feel that you are a loner or act like one give music a chance, it never disappoints. Thus, East or west music is the best.

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