How Can Young Artists Make Their Art Attractive?

by Annie Saxena on Feb 09, 2023

How Can Young Artists Make Their Art Attractive?

Attractive art usually depicts a smooth interaction between line, color, texture, shape and size that is pleasing to the senses. Making a great piece of art is certainly a challenge for young artists. Just making art for the sake of it is not enough. Make art that is provocative, work that made your brain happy as well as your eyes. Attractive Paintings are the best way to present a message to the viewers. Sometimes little effort makes your art attractive.

These are few tested techniques for young artists to make their art attractive:

1-Start art with good Ideas: There should a clever idea before artists starts their art. Use ideas as starting points while making your art. Some sources of ideas for young artists are:

• Pictures – books, magazines, catalogs
• Images – work of other artists
• Imagination – dreams, fantasy
• Events – tragedy, war, life experiences
• Beliefs and values – Cultural traditions

2- Use eye catching colors: Color is a vital aspect of art. It is used as a powerful tool in your art. Color can be used to evoke a certain mood . To make your art attractive young artists should learn how to use appropriate colors in their art to send a message to the viewers. It’s important that artists know the good and the bad impact of colors in their art. Proper color contrast plays a very important role in art. It will reduce eye strain and make your art more legible and visually appealing.

3- Keep it simple: Simple approach works best. Make sure your painting is eye catching. You shouldn’t have to explain the concept of your art to the viewers. Viewers don’t want to jump digital hoops in order to view your art. Make sure that your art is simple for the viewers to understand it. It helps viewers and collectors to understand your artwork in the moment. Sometimes ask people about what they see in your art. At some point overloaded art can actually interfere with the viewers enjoyment and appreciation of the work. Many times it’s hard to understand the idea of art. So try to keep it simple for viewers.

4- Start Painting in the right order: Always start your painting in right order to create an attractive art.
• Partially mix colors before painting: Partially mix two colors before you start painting on your canvas.
• Start with background: An artist should complete the background first after that start with other objects. If you will paint the objects before background your art will ends up looking very shabby.

5-Painting beyond the brush: Now a day’s many innovative techniques of painting beyond the brush are becoming popular. Sometimes new techniques are advantageous from traditional methods for a young artist. Some such techniques are given below:

• Painting with roller Technique: Artist can use a roller to paint their canvas. It is a great way of achieving layers of flat tone in an artwork.
• Painting with drips technique: You can do dripping technique with acrylic paint. Use Acrylic mediums to make the paint more fluid to create drips easily.
• Painting with sponge technique: Sponges can be used to apply beautiful textural marks in the painting.
• Painting with stencils technique: Spray paint through the holes of stencils to create texture or patterns.

In the end:

Good art always appeals to its viewers. Beyond just an image, good art has some meaning. It will make you happy, bring tears in your eyes or remind you of something special. Most importantly a good art is understandable by all the viewers.