Social Media & Art – The Digital Influence

by Annie Saxena on Feb 10, 2023

Social media has changed the art experience in a tremendous way. Art, at some point was a privilege that had limited access. The art community, in today’s day and age is growing with more exposure through social media. Instagram, being the most used digital platform has been pivotal in introducing the world of art to today’s youth. Various young and struggling artists have been using social media as a platform to showcase their work for a long time now. Social media has also become an outlet for artists to project their world views through art. In earlier times, street art used to be a major channel for artists to contest protests and question the world via art, most of which has now diverted to digital platforms. In the past few years, various digital magazines have popped up that are solely dedicated to art, showcasing the work of various small and big artists without discrimination. Instagram has become a virtual gallery, with open access for all those who appreciate art.

Social media has had a profound impact on art institutions and visitors alike, influencing not just the marketing but also the creation and curation of art. Several galleries and exhibitions display paintings and sculptors that are ‘Instagrammable’. People visit art exhibitions that are popular on the social media feeds of their friends and family.

Traditionally, art institutions frowned upon the idea of visitors taking photographs of exhibitions, mostly due to copyright concerns. Now, if a visitor attends an exhibition without snapping at least a few photos of the artwork, it seems like an exception and not a rule. The rise of social media in modern society has changed the way people experience and share many parts of their lives, from food to friendships. Art is no exception. It’s an incredible tool to create hype and excitement about exhibitions. Social media is not only positively affecting artists, but museums as well. Museums today have their own Instagram accounts allowing art enthusiasts to virtually view displays without the hassle of physically being there. The business aspect of art is finding its way through social media as well with artists and galleries directly selling artwork to their patrons.

Social media helps artists directly reach their desired audiences without the worry of being validated by an art institution. It’s a prominent platform for those who make art and those who enjoy it.