by Annie Saxena on Feb 28, 2023


We’re currently living in a time where the entire world is on pause, we are involuntarily taking a break from the daily monotony and simply staying home to stay safe. This time is giving us a lot of time to contemplate our life and our way of living it.

There are a lot of things we are used to, a lot of activities that comprised our daily routine so to say. From a morning gym class to our dermatologist appointments, we had a time scheduled for it all. We were also in dire need for it all. However, the ever evolving digital space has turned out to be a knight in shining armour by making it possible for us to stay home, stay safe and continue living our lives virtually.

From online fitness training and dermatology consultations to virtual concerts and makeup classes, the internet has it all. Professionals have made the digital space their muse to continue sharing their work and helping as well as entertaining their followers. These virtual communities are helping stay connected in these trying times and do what they want from the comfort of their homes.

There are a number of gyms and personal trainers who have created apps that allow their clients to connect with them and participate in home workouts. From group training to personal sessions, they have them all. Many dermatologists and clinics are hosting virtual consultations, giving out homemade skin care tips and the like to maintain their existing clientele as well create a larger fan base via the online community. Various artists are holding online concerts that allow you to enjoy your favourite tunes from the comfort of your bedroom. Talk show hosts continue to share their wit and talent via home recordings. Makeup artists are creating a community of makeup lovers with expert tips and tutorials online. Chefs and restaurants are sharing creative, healthy and tasty homemade recipes.

Not just this, schools and colleges have gone digital too. From tests and assignments to lectures, professors and students have formed a new virtual bond. There are a number of apps and websites that offer a number of courses on a wide range of topics for anyone and everyone who just wishes to learn more. Whether it’s learning a new language or entrepreneurship, everyone can learn what they want, no matter what their age.

This time is bringing out everyone’s creative side and helping them realise their real potential. Today, people are finding themselves indulging in activities that they have never tried before or thought of pursuing. They are discovering hidden talents and potential passions. From a sudden love for cooking to learning a new musical skill, the options are endless. Staying home all day everyday requires us to find new ways of being productive to pass the time, and even though reading and watching TV are simple ways to do so, the digital space is offering so much more.

With so many options available at the simple click of a button, people are expanding their horizons and trying new things. If not now, then when. The times are tough but having a positive attitude and keeping oneself busy is key to surviving this with triumph.