Tribal Art In Fashion

by Annie Saxena on Feb 09, 2023

Fashion is inspired by time, season, diversity and, not to mention, culture. A fusion of fashion and tribal art is an inspired concept giving everyone a new outlook into the realm of fashion. The blend between fashion and various cultures is not a new notion, however it still never fails to impress us. To understand the idea behind tribal fashion, understanding the history of its origin is important. Tribal art, also known as ethnographic art is the visual art and culture of indigenous people.

People of different tribes make their own fabric for everyday wear. The fabric is simple, comfortable, and long-lasting. Over time, the simplicity stayed but more patterns were added to the designs. These patterns are a reflection of the different ethnicities and their lifestyle.

Social influence has always been a part of setting a trend. In today’s socio-economic state, people have moved away from urban trend and returned to the basics. Due to this reason tribal art and indigenious culture has influenced the mind of various designers. Tribal fashion has a classic vintage feel with contemporary silhouettes. Although tribal prints in deep desert hues and earthy tones are the ideal choice, brighter hues such as orange, yellow and red have been seen trending on the runway lately.

Initially tribal fashion was seen as mere casual-wear. But soon, it made an entrance into the contemporary fashion world due to its uniqueness and comfort. Since then tribal wear has made quite an impression on the global runways. It has inspired designers to amalgamate fashion with culture, and create something exceptional for the future generations. A lot of Indian designers are creating collections inspired by tribal art. Shivan & Narresh’s latest “Koi Series” is inspired by Gond Tribal Art. Designer Anupama Dayal worked with the Naga tribes for her collection “Fight & Feast”. Karishma Shahani Khan, founder of Ka-Sha created a series inspired by the indigenous tribes of the Kutch’s Rabaari community. Malini Ramani created collection named, “Free Spirit” & “Nomad” that were inspired by Tribal prints.

In today’s day and age, tribal fashion is not restricted to using only the fabrics; it has incorporated tribal prints, the draping styles as well tribal style of accessorising with jewellery made from feathers, bones, wood and ivory. Tribal fashion has become statement wear. The rich tribal culture has provided a new statement to the fashion scenario with its traditional costumes, exotic prints and jewelry.