Talking Art

by Annie Saxena on Feb 09, 2023

Talking Art

Artists, especially budding artists find it tough to find a platform for their art and themselves. Public galleries don’t usually promote experimental art and unknown artists. At the same time, these artists often don’t have enough funds to sponsor themselves.

Art is an expensive business so making a name in the market, and attracting the attention of the ‘big-ticket galleries’ is always a challenge. The exception in this space is the Artizen Art Gallery, which promotes unknown names, exceptional talent and experimental art on all mediums. Artizen Art Gallery part of the PLB group, and known for supporting budding and talented artists, held an exhibition last weekend.

About the Exhibition
Inaugurated by eminent artists, Anita Kulkarni, and Vilas Kulkarni, the exhibition saw a lot of artists displaying their work at the gallery. Going by the footfall seen at the exhibition, the show at Artizen, turned out to be a massive success.
Based out of Noida, Vilas and Anita Kulkarni, embody the best of art and sculpture. Anita Kulkarni is a huge name in sculpture and paintings. She is known for putting vibrant colours to both canvas and sculpture, which break the boredom of straight lines. Vilas Kulkarni is known as an eclectic artist who has experimented on varied mediums in different stages of his career – such as stone, metal, terracotta, fibre-glass, cement, concrete, etc. Though his first love is acrylics, yet he’s equally famous for his murals and sculptures installed in different public places and offices.
This eminent artist couple’s presence itself is inspiring for the other artists.

About the Artists
The different artists at the show included Debamitra Chakraborty, Deepali Mahanta Katyal, Dr Mallikarjun C. Bagodi, Sumit K. Thakur, Tulasi Choudhury, Vinoda R. Sidaih, Virendra Kumar, Jai Prakash S.B., Sadhna Jain and others’ exhibiting work. Conceptualised by Virendra Kumar and co-ordinated by Krishna Rajendra Kumar and assisted by Sumit K. Thakur and Sachee Kant, the show was a massive success.

About the Platform
Artizen Art Gallery, a known name for promoting young and talented artists, once again proved that it was fit to be decorated as the venue of choice for young artists. This kind of an exhibition which brought together the likes of Vilas and Anita Kulkarni who interacted with the other artists meant that the others got a chance to be inspired by their paintings.
At the same time, it also showcased the seriousness of Artizen Art Gallery, which brought together such artists and made this interaction possible. Located at Pearey Lal Bhawan, at ITO, Artizen Art Gallery is ‘generating a lot of buzz’ in the art circuit.