Doodle Art

by Annie Saxena on Feb 09, 2023

Doodle Art

Doodling is a fun, inadvertent way of expressing oneself. It’s one of the most common and underrated art form. Most people view it as something to do when they are bored but it can materialize into fantastic pieces. Everyone has their own doodling style; and so it falls into the category of art! Doodling is a piece of drawing developed from a random, visual starting point like a squiggle and can be used to break with patterns of thinking which often ends with a surprising and fresh result.

Doodle art form is a creative manifestation which propels individuals into pushing their imagination.

The history of doodling can be traced back to the 5,00,000-year-old doodles, essentially in the form of cave paintings and zigzag markings carved by our ancestors. These existed long before anyone knew the alphabet, as a tool to tell stories from one generation to the other. One of the oldest abstract markings ever found was discovered in Indonesia.

One cannot talk about the history of doodle art without mentioning Leonardo da Vinci. His bizarre mechanical inventions, drawings about life in the womb and cross sections of animal skeletons are showcased in many museums across the world. As one tries to spot the genius behind his many inventions, stunning paintings and abstract drawings, it would appear that the scribbles and sketches in his sketchbooks are the key elements to unleash creativity.

A recent experiment found that those who doodle are more likely to reach a creative ‘flow’, resulting in a positive influence on writing tasks as well as visual reasoning. Researchers have discovered that people enter an absorbed state of consciousness when sketching, which boosts productivity and the ability to solve problems creatively.

For a long time, doodling has been downplayed as an absent minded sketch, passing time as one idly chats on the phone or drifts off during meetings. However, a lot of artists who are applauded for their stellar illustration work, claim that doodles are the base of these illustrations.

Doodle art is being widely used as an important element in graphic designing for billboards, mobile advertising, television, etc. It’s abstract and unique characteristics has its fan base increasing by the day as it makes the messages conveyed seem more friendly, relaxed, and humane.

Some famous doodle artists in India are Angel Bedi aka The Filmy Owl, Sadhika Gupta aka Delhi Doodler, Doodles by Mansha Abhinav Kafare and more. Their creativity and unique designs have received much appreciation on social media.