Ballet – A Foundation For Dancers

by Annie Saxena on Feb 09, 2023

Ballet – A Foundation For Dancers

“Learning ballet is wonderful for children, even if they never become dancers. It is wonderful because it teaches discipline, grace, and manners.”

Anna Paskevska

Ballet originated in Renaissance Italy and established its presence during the 19th century. It is characterized by light and graceful movements using. Ballet is the single most important key to have a strong foundation as a dancer. Ballet builds a connection between your mind and body that develops from a young age in a vital way.

Ballet is extremely important because it crosses over in every style of dance. It gives dancers a solid foundation of technique, and a strong base with which they can dance other styles. Including Ballet’s traditional techniques as a foundation is essential to being a good dancer especially if one aspires to be a professional. Commencing Ballet class at the barre gives an immediate sense of structure and etiquette, which provides the base for every movement in dance. In addition to that, the sense of professionalism and discipline learnt at every class is irreplaceable. It also teaches the basic arm and leg movements one might need in jazz, modern, tap as well as ballroom. Other than this it also has various physical benefits that can better one’s technique as a dancer.

A good ballet training ensures good alignment, core strength, full body control, flexibility and beautiful footwork. However, Ballet offers more than just physical benefits. It instills discipline, musicality, patience, attention to detail, determination and grace which are amazing qualities to have as a person. The focus, musicality, alignment and structure required for a variety of dance forms can be credited to ballet. Every movement in ballet requires good posture which translates to every part of one’s life. Ballet technique improves balance and flexibility which reduces the likelihood of injury not only in Ballet but sports and other dance forms.

Versatility within the dance industry is key and is a mark of a great performer. The various styles of dance morphing into each other highlights the importance to attain a strong base with ballet, that makes it easier to translate between all dance styles.

Ballet majorly strengthens your core. It might not be a flashy dance form, however, every dancer is fully aware of their footwork, weight placement on the feet, full posture, all of which comes from core strength. Professional dancers today, even those who are not specifically focused on being professional ballerinas, still try to incorporate ballet into their regular training schedules to maintain the desired core strength, flexibility, agility and more.

In conclusion, all the techniques, values and disciplines learnt from Ballet translate in the pursuit of all other dance styles. Ballet’s fundamentals not only carry over all genres of dance but also into everyday life.